Marvin (admin bot)

Last updated 7 months ago

Who is Marvin?

Marvin is the admin assistant bot for Taggun. You can say "Hi" to him in Slack. He is modeled after Marvin, The Paranoid Android from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. His brain is the size of the planet and is a severely depressed robot.

How do I meet Marvin?

For an invitation to Taggun's team on Slack, send an email to

How can Marvin help you?

Marvin is an integral part of Taggun. I have big plans for him. See blog entry for my thoughts behind Marvin. In the meantime, these are the tasks Marvin can help you with:

Scan multiple receipts in batch

@marvin turn on OCR to trigger OCR on for the Slack channel Then, hold the shift key, drag and drop multiple receipts to Slack channel

Check out your API usage

@marvin stats last 24 hours

@marvin stats for March 15 - 21

@marvin stats for this week

@marvin stats for any dates or date range

Trigger integration tests on APIs

@marvin test prod_au

@marvin test prod_us

@marvin test s_au

@marvin test s_us