Recent updates

August 2019

  • Improved PDF processing to have a wider support for non-standard fonts.

  • Improved request performance for PDF files processing.

  • Added strict request parameters validation for MD5.

  • Added itemCounts extraction to detect the number of items in a receipt.

July 2019

  • Added support for Hungarian receipts.

  • Improved overall accuracy extraction with better detection of space and symbols in the OCR text.

June 2019

  • Improved date extraction by using keywords to pick up the correct invoice date. And to avoid dates such as: delivery date, due date, period date and etc.

  • Improved stability and performance by tuning the memory usage of containers.

May 2019

  • Improved request response time with caching of merchantName. The cache will refresh every 24 hours.

  • Updated all third party dependencies to avoid security vulnerabilities.

  • Added support for Romanian receipts.

April 2019

  • Improved invoice number extraction by using filename.

  • Improved image preprocessing optimisation for OCR text.

March 2019

  • Added ignoreMerchantName parameter to avoid extracting the invoice recipient's name as the merchant name.

  • Improved invoice number extraction.

  • Added a new server in UK.

February 2019

  • Improved amount and tax extraction for Nordic receipts.

  • Improved tax extraction for GST in Australia and New Zealand.

January 2019

  • Upgraded 3rd party library dependencies.

  • Improved API performance improvement by reducing memory usage.

December 2018

  • Upgraded all software dependencies to the latest stable version.

  • Improved API performance by reducing up to 10% processing time.

November 2018

  • Deployed a new server in the UK region to handle the increased load in Europe.

  • Inspect and validate uploaded files with allowed file types.

October 2018

  • Added near parameter to accept a geo location to validate and enrich the merchant details.

September 2018

  • Added currencyCode property to totalAmount and taxAmount which returns three-letter ISO currency code.

  • Removed redundant endpoint /api/article/v1/verbose/file.

  • Removed redundant endpoint /api/locale/v1/location.

August 2018

  • Added merchantCity merchantState and merchantCountryCode properties to be returned when merchantName or merchantAddress is found.

June 2018

  • Added a new endpoint /api/account/v1/merchantname/add to help improve the accuracy of merchant name for your account.

May 2018

  • Improved accuracy for merchantName and merchantTypes with improved algorithm and merchant information data provider.

  • Added a feature to extract and detect spaces as thousand separators for receipts in Belgium. This feature is not enabled by default; email to request this feature to be enabled for your account.

April 2018

  • Improved accuracy for receipts from Brazil.

March 2018

  • Added feature to extract VAT numbers from Belgium. This feature is not enabled by default; email to request this feature to be enabled for your account.

  • Improved accuracy for receipts from Belgium

February 2018

  • Added a new endpoint and data centre in the UK, providing lower latency and faster throughput for customers in the Europe region.

December 2017

  • When API request encounters an error, the endpoint now returns HTTP status code 400 with a short description of the error.

  • Improve accuracy for date formatting detection and extraction.

September 2017

  • Released an alpha version of the invoice number and IBAN (bank account number) extraction under the property of entities.

  • Improved line item description and amount detection and accuracy.

August 2017

  • Increased accuracy for extracting totalAmount using subset sum algorithm.

  • Released an alpha version of line item description and amount under the property of lineAmounts. This will detect the description and the amounts found on the receipt.

July 2017

  • Enhanced merchantName, merchantAddress and merchantType to feed-forward production data as training data for Machine Learning to improve accuracy.

  • Increased accuracy by rotating the image 90 degrees if receipt is detected to be landscape.

  • Added support to extract date with without year information, e.g. JULY'24. The engine will assume the year is the current year.

June 2017

  • Converted to use PDFium as the PDF reader, reducing 70% on PDF conversion time.

  • Reduce time to load file for /api/receipt/v1/simple/url by using in-memory buffer.

May 2017

  • Added /api/receipt/v1/match/file endpoint to recognise if an image of a receipt contains certain keywords (supplied by the client) and return result indicating whether the image is a likely or unlikely match to the supplied keywords.

  • Added optional request parameters to support languages other than English for OCR. Currently supporting: en, es, fr, jp, he, iw

  • Added a new property numbers in verbose mode to return any detected numbers on a receipt or article. This is useful for those who wants to detect any reference number or codes on a receipt.

April 2017

  • Added line amounts in the verbose results. Line amounts are 1 or more amounts that were found on the receipt that accurately sums up to detected total amount of the receipt. This is implemented using the subset sum algorithm. It also greatly improves the confidenceLevel calculation.

  • Publish this help documentation for Taggun. Even though Swagger documentation is great for up-to-date information for the APIs, there are still other aspects in Taggun that I would like to share with everyone.

  • Added /api/article/v1/verbose/file endpoint to perform OCR other than receipt. This is useful to just do a simple image-to-text dump and capture any metadata like dates and amounts that are found on the image.

March 2017

  • Modify receipt endpoints and the structure of the response uniform and easier to understand.

  • Added a dump of all detected amounts on a receipt to meet a feature request from a Reddit user. Follow the link to see the Reddit post.

  • Started Taggun blog. Apparently blog is the most effective tool for digital marketing?!!. Check it out -->‚Äč

  • Woohoo... Taggun has a bot!! His name is Marvin and he is Taggun's admin assistant. You can ask him to do a few basic administrative tasks now. Get to know more about Marvin.

There are many wonderful things that have happened before March 2017, but they are not logged here.